Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Leeson House

We've made it! After a long coach journey, we have arrived safely at Leeson House.

After dropping off our bags and having a quick snack, we ventured off to explore the local town of Langton Matravers.

Walking through the town, we listened to stories of smugglers and what life was like working in the mines of Purbeck hundreds of years ago. We learnt that even 11 year olds went to work!

Once we returned to Leeson House after a very muddy walk, we attempted to make our own beds... some more successful then others.

Dinner came next; a hearty meal of pizza for everyone! Then an exciting nightwalk around the fields of Leeson House, listening to stories of bravery from World War 2.

We are looking forward to what tomorrow holds!

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