Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Help for Learning Spellings!

Choose one of the methods from below to learn your spellings

 • Create a calligram of your words
• Make up your own acrostic poem
• Write your words in a sentence – remember punctuation
• Use rainbow writing to write each spelling out
• Use pyramid writing
• Find letters of your spellings in a newspaper and cut these out to spell each word
• Use curvy writing to write each word out
• Write a short story and include all your spellings in it
• Write your spellings out up and down
• Write your spellings out in alphabetic order
• Think of a rhyme or mnemonic to remember your spellings
• Write out your spellings using a different colour for the vowels
• Write your spellings onto flashcards x2 and play matching pairs
• Ask someone to write out your spellings incorrectly and you find the mistakes and correct them
• Make a word search using all your spellings
• Chant your spellings and write them out forwards and backwards
• Make a crossword for your spellings – remember you need a clue for each one
• Once you’ve learnt your spellings can you think of other words which follow the same pattern?
• Write a poem using all of your spelling words
• Find other words within your spellings
• Play Hangman with your word
• Write your spellings one by one on someone’s back. Can they guess the word you have written? Then swap over with your partner.
• Make a poster to explain your selling rule and give examples of your spellings
• Make a cheerleading rhyme to remember your spelling words

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